Precious Being

{08 oktober - 2006}   Hillsong


 Today it’s the first time I will write in English. It is a little bit difficult but you will understand. If not ask me what I mean by it.

Yesterday I went to Hillsong. It is a band of praise, worship. I wasn’t there as public, but as a steward. I did the securety. My boyfriend was there also as steward.

In the supporting programm we standed very well. We could see the whole show. But after an hour the told us that we had a brack. I liked it to stand there, but we had to go.

After a fuw minuts the came to us and asked us if we wanted to secure the dressingrooms of the mucisians, because there was stolen some stuf.

At half past ten the show was over, and they called us down to the entrance hall. I had to go because I had a drive to home, and she was going fast. And I had to say goodbye very quick. I didn’t like it the way it went. 😦 But I will see him after two weeks again.

 This is a short piece of the story. I hope you like it 😛 If you have some questions than you have to write me.



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