Precious Being

{08 oktober - 2006}   Work

Today I have worked again in the snackbar. I started at 11am. After I cleaned everything I opend the door at 12.  I had 2 minutes nothing and there the came. From 12 till 8pm it was very bussy. I couldn’t do annything. The chinees in the mall was closed, so all they’re costumers came to us.

I am still alive. But at 4 o’clock I was broken. I couldn’t go further. But I must. Now I’m home. Finaly.

I have earn 45 euro’s. YEAHHH!!! 😛

 Wow I spoke to a man from canada. His backname is the same as my backname. He asked me alot. And also what I’m doing over here. So I told him I went to school. And then he asked what I want to be come. So I told him I want to be a fysiotherapist, and he said to me, than you have to come here 😛 whaha. Well I think I have to discusse it with my boyfriend 😛

But it is already late. So I quit today. Speak to you tomorrow.


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