Precious Being

{11 oktober - 2006}   I’M BACK!!!

Yeah! I’m back, me happy again.

lately I was a bit depressed or something. I think that I was very tired. But not anymore. Uhmm I did something stupid. I know now why I’m tired everytime. I am eating things like chocolat and that’s not good. Now my stomage hurts and Im nauseous. Can someone help meeeeeeeee? Cry Cry Cry…

Okay. Never mind 😛

I have spoken to a good friend of mine. 😀 she is so sweet. I met her for the first time when we went to Oucraine. Uhmm I will write further later. I’m buzzy now.



Your English is very good and you show emotion, which is different.
Well done zoek.
Best wishes
Rob B.

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