Precious Being

{08 oktober - 2006}   Work

Today I have worked again in the snackbar. I started at 11am. After I cleaned everything I opend the door at 12.  I had 2 minutes nothing and there the came. From 12 till 8pm it was very bussy. I couldn’t do annything. The chinees in the mall was closed, so all they’re costumers came to us.

I am still alive. But at 4 o’clock I was broken. I couldn’t go further. But I must. Now I’m home. Finaly.

I have earn 45 euro’s. YEAHHH!!! 😛

 Wow I spoke to a man from canada. His backname is the same as my backname. He asked me alot. And also what I’m doing over here. So I told him I went to school. And then he asked what I want to be come. So I told him I want to be a fysiotherapist, and he said to me, than you have to come here 😛 whaha. Well I think I have to discusse it with my boyfriend 😛

But it is already late. So I quit today. Speak to you tomorrow.


{08 oktober - 2006}   Hillsong


 Today it’s the first time I will write in English. It is a little bit difficult but you will understand. If not ask me what I mean by it.

Yesterday I went to Hillsong. It is a band of praise, worship. I wasn’t there as public, but as a steward. I did the securety. My boyfriend was there also as steward.

In the supporting programm we standed very well. We could see the whole show. But after an hour the told us that we had a brack. I liked it to stand there, but we had to go.

After a fuw minuts the came to us and asked us if we wanted to secure the dressingrooms of the mucisians, because there was stolen some stuf.

At half past ten the show was over, and they called us down to the entrance hall. I had to go because I had a drive to home, and she was going fast. And I had to say goodbye very quick. I didn’t like it the way it went. 😦 But I will see him after two weeks again.

 This is a short piece of the story. I hope you like it 😛 If you have some questions than you have to write me.


{04 oktober - 2006}   Thuis.

Zo. Ben weer een keer een dagje thuis. Vandaag samen met mn moeder geshopt. Echt gezellig.
Ze zou om 10u bij mij komen. En hoelaat stond ze voor de deur? Half10, ik dus nog in mijn pyjama. Naja. Om ongeveer half 11 gingen we de stad in. 😛 en moesten we weer terug omdat ik mijn kado bonnen vergeten was. Grr. Naja. Gelukkig woon ik zogoed als in het centrum dus was maar kort. 😛

Naja. Daarna met mijn moeder weer terug naar mn huisje smiddags en alle spullen gedropt. En op naar de C1000 en de aldi. Jah. Als je met je moeder op stap gaat dan ben je wel druk bezig. De hele dag. We waren pas om half 4 thuis. Man wat een dag. 😛

En nu gaan we zo eten. Oh, wat ben ik blij dat ik ook nog wel eens thuis of bij andere mensen kan eten. Dan hoef ik tenminste zelf niet eten te koken, en het is nog gezellig ook. 😀

 En dan nu weer thuis in mijn eigen huis 😛 heerlijk. Geen gezeur om je kop. Maar dan wel je adapter vergeten zodat je alsnog weer naar huis moet, en dan niet naar huis kan omdat er mensen hier komen over zo’n 5 a 10 minuten. Achjah. Het leven is hard.

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